Limbs , detail, installation view, 11' x 12' x 7' driftwood, wool, waxed linen, drapery
Limbs installation view
Limbs installation view
Rescue & Redemption installation view, 6 boxes, each box is 75"x8"x 8"  wood, found sticks, cloth, ribbon, string,  paint, wax, ephemera
Rescue & Redemption bottom view of boxes 2-4
Rescue & Redemption view box 4
Rescue & Redemption view box 2
Rescue & Redemption view box 6
Rescue & Redemption view box 3 detail middle
Rescue & Redemption view box 5
Rescue & Redemption view box 5 detail
Cast-A-way   64"x8"   driftwood, waxed linen, indigo dyed, wire cable,
Cast-A-way long view
Cast-A-way detail 1
Cast-A-way detail 2
Crone  35"x65"x10"  wood, driftwood, thread, hog gut, paint, wax, wire cable
Crone detail 1
Crone detail 2
Crone detail 3
Reoccurring Affections 1   43"x48"x3"   hand-pulled kozo paper, paint, thread, wax
Reoccurring Affections 1 detail
Reoccurring Affections 2
Reoccurring Affections 2 detail
 This photo shows the process of how the paper was created for Reoccurring Affections 1 & 2.  Kozo paper was pulled as single sheets and then layered together like shingles on a roof.  The kozo picked up fugitive dye from the weaving as well as the texture of the surface.  When the kozo was dry it was lifted off the weaving as a singular sheet of paper.
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